Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2019

Anna Soubry faces BRUTAL response from Sky host after she ridicules Brexit Party logo

Change UK MP Anna Soubry was left red-faced after a sharp-witted jibe by Adam Boulton ridiculed her party’s logo. Mrs Soubry initially attempted to mock the Brexit Pary’s logo and insisted it represented Nigel Farage’s quest for “chaos in the UK”. She began by saying: “You say he is well prepared for the European elections but we could talk about Nigel Farage, and I’m very happy to do that.”

Mr Boulton interrupted Mrs Soubry to add that he has already received Brexit Party leaflets at his front door in London.

Ms Soubry continued: “Well he is extremely well funded and we have questions on where his funding comes from.

“He has a logo that when you look at it actually looks like a house that has fallen over.

“It actually does represent his vision of Brexit which is damage and chaos for this great country.

The Sky News host quickly shot back: “Well yours looks like redacted information.

The Change UK member replied: “No, ours is absolutely clear on what we stand for in these elections.

Mr Boulton then replied: “What four bars is what you stand for” before Ms Soubry again attempted to defend herself.

She responded: “No, no let’s behave and have grown up politics here.

“Let’s get out of the Westminster bubble and look at what we stand for.”

Before Ms Soubry could clarify, the Sky News host ended the interview insisting that the pair were out of time.

Nigel Farage and other Brexit Party MEP candidates have often mocked Change UK’s logo or lack of one much to the pleasure of their Brexit Party rally audience members.

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