Published On: Thu, Aug 8th, 2019

Brexit bombshell: How Dominic Cummings made brilliant point about second referendum

Mr Cummings insisted that, even though a People’s Vote is seen as a way out of Brexit for Remainers, he is sure that Leave would win again. The political strategist drew comparisons with the 2004 North East England devolution referendum. In 2004, voters in the North East decided against establishing a North East Assembly, despite initial polls indicating the opposite would happen and little resources being used to campaign against it.

Mr Cummings claimed that the referendum, which was won 78-22, was won by a campaign that consisted of “not much more than my girlfriend, dad, uncle and literally a handful of people”.

He said in March: “These guys didn’t learn from the 2004 referendum before 2016 and even now very few seem to realise that a ‘second referendum’ would, given minimal competence from ‘Leave’, be a mega-repeat of 2004 in which ‘the EU’ would not even by the main issue.” 

By ‘these guys’, Mr Cummings is referring to the establishment who lined up to say leaving the EU would be a disaster. 

He added: “The intricacies of the Regional Assembly were not central to how the campaign developed, just as the EU will not be central to a second referendum – it will be about you and your parties, dear MPs, and if you think 2016 was bad, you will find the next one somewhere between intolerable and career-ending.”

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Mr Johnson’s adviser asserted that beating Remain would actually be easier now than in 2016.

He confidently claimed that they “don’t know what they are doing”. 

Mr Cummings wrote: “We won last time even though the Establishment had every force with power and money on their side.

“They screwed it up because they do not have good models of effective action: they literally do not know what they are doing, as they have demonstrated to the world in the farcical negotiations.

Last month, Ms Lucas sparked outrage when she implied that she would not accept the result of the vote if Leave won again.

She was asked on Politics Live: “If there were to be a referendum and Leave were to win it again, either more decisively or not, in that Commons would you then back a Brexit deal to leave?”

She considered, then replied: “No, I probably wouldn’t, but I think a majority probably would.”

Meanwhile, three quarters of Remain voters think they would win in a second vote, compared to half of Leavers, according to a YouGov poll.

In total, 47 percent of Britons believe Remain would win, 29 percent think Leave would and 24 percent of respondents said they do not know.

With the October 31 deadline looming, new Prime Minister Johnson has just over two months to get a deal through the Commons.

He has vowed to take the UK out of the EU by Halloween – with or without a deal.

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