Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2019

Daily horoscope on January 9: Wednesday’s star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon is in the zodiac sign of Pisces today, affecting the more sensitive and intuitive side of your mind. While the Sun remains in the Capricorn zodiac sign, joining forces with the planet Saturn, which remarkably only transits from this position once every three years. Saturn in aspect with the Sun is a rare chance to prioritise your legacy.

Today’s star signs may make you feel the need for validation but you are able to resist the urge.

Your should concentrate on your own needs, because you may have neglected your needs recently.

Today’s Sun is coupled with Pluto’s power, related to transformation.

What is prioritised today will mature and improve yourself as a person.

It may require hard work to transform your reality, but persevere with improving your personal project.

Astrologer Marina from MarStars believes the pairing of Jupiter and Uranus are astrologically important.

Marina said: “Today we have a square and a half between Jupiter and Uranus.

“This is an interesting and rare aspect which includes a social and an outer planet, so the impact is on an exacerbated level.

“It is less about our emotions or communication, it is rather capable influencing our goals.

“Jupiter is about our future and the things we are focussed on in terms of our goals and things related to our belief system and how we understand the world in general.”

Generally speaking, challenging aspects like this one including Uranus, bring intense changes; that is one of the key words when we talk about Uranus.

You may notice it is tome to change something about your goals, belief system or things you value.

And you may have preconceived ideas about the future and things that are a little unusual.

So be open-minded and prepared for change and do not be afraid of that – be ready for unexpected events and new situations.

Until noon, we also have the transit Moon in Aquarius, which is the sine route by Uranus, creating an intense energy, especially during the first half of the day.

This makes today an ideal time for change, experimentation and socialising.

In the later part of the day, the transit Moon will enter Pisces so we may notice the energy is not so intense and we become more introverted and focussed on things personally important.

Generally, the motivation for achieving things on an outer level is not so intense.

So prepare to slow down a little in the second half of the day.

But on the other hand you may notice your imagination is more active and inspired.

You may need a rest, which is completely OK as well.

You may not recognise what appears to be patently obvious to others.

If you look at things using your emotions instead of your head, this will impact your judgement.

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