Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

Humpback whale: 'Heartbreaking' tributes flood social media after death in the Thames

Volunteers from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) began tracking the animal on Sunday morning, claiming it surfaced near them within 30 minutes after their arrival in the Dartford Crossing area in Kent. The group had said there had been no sightings on Tuesday and appealed for information from people nearby. Volunteers said they saw the body of the animal floating lifeless in the river near Greenhithe in Kent.

Many took to social media to share their heartbreak over the news of the whale’s death.

One distraught social media user posted: “Why didn’t anyone check it out sooner!

“It’s not like the Thames is a natural place for a humpback whale to be is it. Really sad.”

Another posted: “This is so unbelievably sad! RIP.”

Genevieve Allenbury said on Twitter: “Heartbroken by the unexpected death of the humpback whale that found itself in the Thames after losing its way”

Johnathon Rogers tweeted: “I saw this earlier and smiled “how lovely”, now it’s dead? It’s just enormously sad.”

BDMLR are hoping a necropsy will be carried out soon to investigate how the whale died.

Many social media users suggested the animal perished because of pollution.

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Another Twitter user said: “When whales are dying in the Thames you know something is going badly.”

Social media users also highlighted previous reports which claimed the whale would be fine.

Sue Wilson responded to the news on Twitter, she said: “I think the earlier reports of a whale being in good health were maybe a bit hasty.”

Another Twitter user said: “Bloke on the news yesterday said he seemed all right and will find his own way out! I bet he feels daft!”

Lots of irate social media users thought it was coincidental the whale’s death coincided with the Extinction Rebellion protests in the capital.

One Twitter user wrote: “Blame Extinction Rebellion.”

Another said: “Didn’t like the look of the Extinction Rebellion lot.”

Many couldn’t resist looking at the lighter side of the whales death.

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