Published On: Sun, Dec 2nd, 2018

Katya Jones body language ‘morose’ during Strictly Come Dancing tonight

Katya Jones, 29, and dance partner Seann Walsh, 32, were eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing on October 28. The fifth week in the competition, the duo had courted controversy after pictures of them kissing on a night out were revealed. Katya, who is married to fellow dance professional Neil Jones, continues to appear on the show in the group dances, and will also be reunited with Seann for the final. What did her body language during tonight’s show reveal?

“Since the whole kiss-gate scandal blew up and blew over, spotting Katya in the background of Strictly scenes seems to have become a bit of a national pastime.

“This week she only seemed to pop up on the balcony when her husband was nowhere to be seen, as though the duo now have a pact to only appear separately.

“There was a time a couple of weeks ago when they were both visible in the same shot as long as you have a wide-screen TV, but this week it was either Neil or Katya but not both at the same time on the balcony.

“When Neil popped up he danced an odd threesome with AJ and Lauren but when it was Katya’s turn she seemed to be looking rather more morose and chewing something at the back of the group.

“Popping up in the middle later on she sported a wide fixed grin, but on her final outings the grin became interspersed with flashes of a slightly more dour and reflective expression.

“Perhaps the producers are saving the ‘reveal’ of this soap opera-style plot for the end of the run, where we might see Katya and Neil running into each others arms before performing a romantic rhumba to the theme from Titanic.

“But until then the couple seem determined to keep their fans guessing.”

While Katya may have left Strictly, there are still several couples in the running to win.

One of those is Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton, who tonight danced a classic American Smooth to I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

But what did their body language reveal about their chances of winning the competition overall?

Judi James also analysed their dance, and shared her comments with

Judi said: “If points were awarded for emotional influence Stacey and Kevin would have scored straight tens from the judges tonight, half of whom seemed to be sobbing so hard it’s amazing they could even reach for the right points paddle.

“Technically it might not have been Stacey’s best number though. She looked tense and a little wary of the lifts and the routine was more about narrative and drama than about the American Smooth that they were dancing.

“Stacey is clearly a good actress and Kevin looked magnificent as Valjean. The couple will clearly have inherited votes from fans of the show who already know the plot they were illustrating but as always Stacey also wins the night when it comes to off-floor personality.

“Forget Kevin, her winning rapport is now with Claudia Winkleman and the pair look more and more like a female version of Ant and Dec every week.”

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