Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2018

‘There’s A LOT of tension’ – Body language expert’s verdict on ‘Melania like’ Ivanka Trump

The shocking claims were made by Patti Wood, a body language specialist based in Massachusetts. She studied numerous photos of both Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter, with Mr Kushner during the recent G20 summit in Argentina. These were compared with historic photos of Donald Trump with his wife Melania.

Referring to a photo of Ivanka and Jared standing together, on a red carpet at the G20 meeting, she commented: “You see the tension all throughout, all the way to her face, where you see a tight smile.

“Her hold around him is very formal and doll-like, rather than relaxed or super-affectionate.”

However, Ms Wood claims this would have been appropriate given the event.

She added: “I’ve seen Melania in this pose when she’s standing with President Trump many times.

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“If you go all the way up her body, you’ll see her knees are together and her arms is straight down at her side, not relaxed at all.”

Ms Wood’s verdict raised concerns about the relationship between the two leading Trump administration figures.

She asserted: “They’re not finding comfort in each other.

“It may be because the spotlight is on them, and the formality of the event is creating that body language.”

Mr Jushner serves as a senior advisor to the President, especially on foreign policy issues, whilst Ivanka Trump also works as a Presidential advisor.

During the G20 summit President Trump held extended meetings with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, during which both agreed not to increase tariffs on each others products for 90 days in a bid to tone down the ongoing trade war.

Ms Wood identified concerns from another photo of Ivanka and Jared together in Argentina.

In this second picture Ivanka and Jared are seen holding hands as they walk along a road, flanked by security, in Argentina.

She commented: “There’s a lot of tension. Look how close together her feet are, even when walking.

“That’s not how I always see her; usually she holds out her elbows slightly.

“It’s a tension that I often see in Melania.”

Ms Wood is the author of Snap: Making the most of first impressions, body language and charisma, which was published in 2011.

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