‘Kalesh’ caught on camera at Mumbai airport: Couple showers abuses, insults on IndiGo airline staff

MUMBAI: An Indian couple, who apparently arrived late at the airline boarding gate, became unruly and directed a volley of insults and abuse towards IndiGo staff when they were offloaded at Mumbai airport.

A video of the incident posted on X (formerly Twitter) has gone viral. Posted by @gharkekalesh, the 70-second clip, shot by an onlooker, begins with the man shouting at the airline staff. “Kalesh between an IndiGo employee and a couple who are late for boarding at Mumbai airport,” read the tweet.
The man, woman and a younger passenger, possibly their child, can be seen standing with cabin bags at boarding gate number 50, which displays a flight to Ahmedabad. The ground staff member, who was being yelled at, can be seen trying to reason with them while also speaking on the phone. The details of the incident aren’t clear from the clip. The video was shot by a person seated in the sitting area close to the boarding gates. Whether the couple eventually got to board or were they offloaded too isn’t known.
In the comments, people criticized the couple for arriving late and then creating a ruckus. A couple of commentators took potshots at the airline instead. As of August, IndiGo’s share in the Indian domestic airline market stands at 63%. IndiGo has been reached for a comment.

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