Apelila Yoga Chair Inversion Bench – Stand Yoga Chair Headstander for House, Gym Build Up Body Ideal Chair for Shoulderstand, Practice Head Stand, Headstand Bench w/Resistance Bands and Cooling Towel


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1.Exceptionalvalue with Instructional Manuals. Learn how to properly perform Pigeon, Teaser,Warriors, Side Plank, etc on the bench.
2.Deeperstretch and enhanced resistance all in one chair.
3.Inversion therapy decompresses pressure on your spine to alleviate back pain.
4.Newly designed Self-Locking Hooks for quick fold-away storage.
5.King of all asanas. Can be used in yoga
Material:Stainless steel bracket and smooth leather cushion
Size:74.5×48.5×38.5 cm  
Type:Yoga Chair Inversion Bench                                 
Productweight: 19.84 LB
Package includes:
1 x Yoga Chair
2 x Resistance Exercise Bands
1 x Cooling Towel
head stand bench
★Reduce spinal pressure – Inversion therapy decompresses pressure on your spine to alleviate back pain. It improves cardiovascular functioning by reducing strain on the heart which normally works against gravity.
★Alleviate the troubles – The inverted yoga chair can alleviate the troubles, the pace of social life is fast, and the sub-health population increases. The inverted body needs a lot of energy. It can lose weight like other sports. It can also help the body’s blood circulation and improve the blood supply to the head. Inverting five minutes is equivalent to two hours of sleep.
★Easy to stand upside down – The yoga inverted table is ergonomically designed and innovative. Traditional inverteds require arms to support the entire body. This inverted stool helps to stand upside down, support the weight through the shoulders, and make the inverted stand easier. It is the first choice for beginner yoga invaders. Simple structure, easy to carry, popular with yoga enthusiasts.
★Transition from headstand to handstand – Headstand on the bench is similar to a tripod stand; you are relying on both arms to hold the inversion. Safety tip: do not perform handstand without properly forming a vertical shape on the bench. You must obtain enough core strength to prevent wrist/joints injuries.
★Various exercises – The Yoga Inverted Workbench not only helps us to stand upside down, but also helps us perform other yoga exercises such as waist exercises, leg exercises, hip exercises and many other yoga poses. When we have a break, we can even use it as a sofa and shoes to replace the stool, the stool is multi-purpose.It has superior pressure resistance; there is also a high-density PU foam pad that makes you more comfortable when you are upside down.

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