Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair – Metal Frame – 2 Frame Finishes – Exclusive: 60mm (2.5″) Wheels – Multiple Ball Color Choices – Adjustable Base and Back Height


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Ball chairs provide a different sitting experience than regular chairs. They force you to sit up straighter and many people simply prefer them over regular chairs. We provide all of our chairs AND balls with a 1 year guarantee. As an additional bonus, we provide an exclusive exercise ball measuring tape that takes the guesswork out of inflating your ball. Many people report sitting on an exercise ball while at home or work promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills and balance. It may take a few days before your body becomes accustom to sitting on an exercise ball. Start by using it 10 to 15 minutes a day and gradually work your way up. If you have had back problems or injuries, make sure to consult your physician or therapist first. Note: We provide a small pump for free for you to have a way to inflate your ball. However, exercise balls require a lot of air and it will take a lot of pumping with the free pump. So, you may want to consider purchasing at this time a high volume air pump, especially if you use exercise balls a lot or have other things you often inflate, like pool toys or air mattresses. Search YouTube (“isokinetics inc.”) for our exercise ball inflation video.

EXCLUSIVE: Office size 60mm (2.5″) wheels, versus 50mm (2″) used on other brands. Bigger and wider wheels provide a smoother rolling experience
SOLID BLACK finish. Back cushion and wheels are black. Rolling base with 5 wheels. Isokinetics Inc. logo on back cushion
ADJUSTABLE TWO WAYS: 4 leg height positions and 4 back support positions accommodate a wider range of body heights. Ball top height ranges from 22.5″ to 25.5″ before sitting on
FRAME ONLY. You supply your own 52cm to 55cm ball
COMPARE our Back Rest. Designed for useability. Can be adjusted in 4 settings. The lowest setting is 9″ from the center of the ball, the highest, 6″. This allows for a comfortable lean back position or, in the highest setting, it acts as a lumbar support, further encouraging you to sit up straight

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