Sport Shiny Classic Balance Ball Chair,Stability Yoga Ball with Machine Washable Slipcover,Ergonomic Active Sitting Exercise Ball Chair, Multiple Size&Color Available,Quick Air Pump Included


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Sport Shiny Sit-With-Fun Balance Ball Chair

You may think it’s impossible to stay active while sitting at a desk for hours in the office. With our brand new Sit-With-Fun Balance Ball Chair Series, it’s not! This revolutionary desk ball chair will change the way you sit by engages your abdominal and leg muscles while your mind is still free to concentrate on the task at hand.

About Us

Sport Shiny Fitness, incorporated in 2006,is part of the Hawk Industry Group,a major sports gear manufacturer of multiple renowned and most broadly based market leading brands.

Apart from all the fancy technology and terminology,we prefer to keep things simple,lean and fast,for the sole purpose to help you achieve peak performance by making you faster,stronger,smarter and cooler.


Expansive Body Balancing

Sitting is so much a part of our modern lifestyles that we often don’t realize how inactive we’ve become. Stay still and not moving for hours, something that can easily happen in front of the computer, means you’re not burning off any of the excess calories you are probably consuming, a part from all the sore and muscle aches, it can also put you at risk of blood clots in your lower extremities.

It’s about time to replace that dull office chair you keep slouching on. Our well-designed balance ball chairs will change the way you sit by engages your entire core muscle system and leg muscles to a rebalanced shape. In addition to all the long-term benefits that will add on to your body, it’s simply much cozier and more comfortable.


Enhance Core Strength

Do you suffer from back pain? When you squat, do you end up on the ground? Are you finding it tough to keep good posture? If this sounds like you, then you may be already suffering from the consequence of a weak core.

Our balance ball chairs are also great tools to enhance your core strength. Each every one of them is built with a Sport Shiny Professional Grade Exercise Ball that can support a static weight of 2,000 LBS. So, feel free to PIKE, to TUCK and to ROLLOUT, make your core stronger.


Exclusive Full Package

When you choose our balance ball chair, you will get at least extra three but not one accessory in a full package.

Heavy Duty Exercise Ball – Our Anti-Burst gym balls are phthalate-free and made from top quality multi-layered PVC material. Not only serve as the inner ball, but also can perfectly function as a professional grade yoga ball alone.

Removable & Machine Washable Slipcover – The outstanding ball is anchored in even better slipcover, removable and machine washable, comfortable to sit on while provide stability, prevent rolling around.

QuickAir Foot Pump –No extra tools needed, after a 3-minutes quick inflation and it’s ready to use.





Astonishing Endurance Cotton Comfort Slipcover

Manufactured with SPORT SHINY unique Endurance Cotton material, with a glossy sheen and a premium feel, even the most sensitive and fastidious skin would love the touch of our slipcover. However, make no mistake that it’s still strong and durable for repeated use. Machine-Washable, Wrinkle-Resistant for easy care. Strictly laboratory tested, free of lead, cadmium and phthalates, not only perfect for ab engagement, yoga, workout, therapy, and balance training routines, but your little monster who got bored with stuffed animals will definitely also be thrilled to play with it.

Anti-Burst Inner Ball

Your safety is always our primary concern. We assembled our tough, Anti-Burst Design Inner Ball using only the exceptional high-quality texture material. It can support a static weight of 2,000 LBS. In the event of ever punctured it will slowly deflate even with heavy load.

Slip-Resistant Base

Slip-Resistant design on the base structure keeps the ball stable from rolling around on the floor.

Easy Assemble & Quick Inflation

Easy assemble and removable design, no extra tools needed,after a 3-minutes Quick Inflation and it’s ready to use.

Inner Ball Diameter






Recommended User Height

5’0″ to 5’11”

5’0″ to 5’11”

3’6″ to 4’3″

5’0″ to 5’11”

5’0″ to 5’11”


Classic Elegant Design,Great Compatibility,Multiple Size&Color Available,Easy Assembling&Placement

Extra Thickening Composite Linning,Warm and Cosy Faux Suede Fabric,Top Handle

3D-Stereo Draping Carton Design,Bouncy and Fuzzy

Sport Shiny Original Next-Gen Active Siting Balance Ball Chair

Exercise Ball Ring Base Holder,Provide Extra Resistance,Keep The Ball From Rolling or Sliding

Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Inner Stability Ball, Supports 2200lbs+ Weight
Astonishing Endurance Cotton Comfort Slipcover,Machine Washable,Thickening Composite Lining,Durable For Repeatedly Use
Slip-Resistant Design On Base Structure Keeps The Ball Stable From Rolling Around On The Floor,User-Friendly One Click Zipper Seal With Total 8 Handles For Easy Assembling&Placement
NOTE: Efforts may need for set-up under certain circumstances. Please contact us if inner ball appears to be too small or pumping takes longer than 20 minutes. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy – If You’re Not 100% Satisfied With The Product,Just Get A FULL Refund Within 30 Days,No Hassle,No Stress

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