Yogawrap Spine Support (Natural with Non-Slip Inset for Leather Chairs/Seats)


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Price: $40.99
(as of Dec 21,2019 22:35:03 UTC – Details)

Tough canvas cover over foam with 21″ adjustable strap. Keeps upper portion of body from compressing onto the lower back, so core muscles are elongated and stimulated. Creates muscle memory so you stand tall and open when you get up! This is how it helps so many with osteoporosis, back pain, sciatica and neck pain. Also helps activate core muscles, corrects posture, aids digestion and helps asthma sufferers by expanding the sternum to give the lungs more space.

Easily straps to car seat, office chair, wheel chair, massage table/chair, etc.
Hand Washable
21″ Adjustable Strap, Durable Canvas & Foam

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